2nd November, 2023

Join the Biggest Self Development Birthday Bash to date!

Celebration of Life

"Elevate Your Life's Journey: Join Cobus "The Viking" Visser's Epic Self-Development Birthday Celebration!"

🎉 Join the Ultimate Self-Development Birthday Bash with Cobus “The Viking” Visser! 🎂🎤

🔥 Are you ready to unlock your full potential and ignite your personal growth journey? 🔥

📣 Calling all dreamers, achievers, and those hungry for success! 📣

Get ready to experience a day of empowerment, inspiration, and transformation at the Self-Development Party of the year! 🚀🌟

🗓️ Date: 2 November 2023

🕒 Time: 14:00 – 21:00

📍 Location: Pretoria

🌐 Imagine a day filled with dynamic talks by world-renowned speakers, including the one and only Cobus “The Viking” Visser! 🎙️🌍

💡 Gain insights on conquering challenges, setting powerful goals, and crafting the life you’ve always envisioned. 💪 Ignite your motivation and drive with practical strategies shared by top international experts. 📚 Dive into the secrets of success, personal growth, and unleashing your inner warrior.

But that’s not all! 🎁🎈 We’re celebrating Cobus’s birthday, so expect surprises, networking opportunities, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals striving for excellence.

🎉 Highlights of the day: ✨ Inspirational keynotes by Cobus “The Viking” Visser and other global thought leaders. 🎙️ Interactive workshops to sharpen your skills and expand your mindset. 🤝 Connect with a diverse network of attendees who share your passion for growth. 🎁 Exciting giveaways and special treats to celebrate Cobus’s birthday in style.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to invest in yourself while celebrating a remarkable individual! 🎊🎉

🎟️ Limited seats available! Reserve your spot now: [Event Registration Link]

Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and celebration at the Self-Development Party of the year. Let’s make Cobus’s birthday unforgettable together!

📣 Spread the word and share the event with your friends who are ready to level up in life! 📣

See you at the party, aspiring warriors of growth! 🚀🌟

Celebrating 3 historic events in one day...

It's a 3-Some Party!

1. The launch of my book

2. Celebrate my B-Day with me

3. Celebrate your life

Speakers on the day

All these top speakers under one roof!

  • Cobus “The Viking” Visser
  • Robbin Bank
  • Eugene van der Merwe
  • Mike Hancock
  • Landi Jack


Cobus 'The Viking' Visser


Eugene Van Der Merwe


Robbin Banks


Mike Hancock


Landi Jack

"Unleash Your Inner Warrior" A Transformative Birthday Bash with Cobus "The Viking" Visser

Become the best version of yourself while having a party